About Us

     Antonio Barragan was born in Los Angeles, it is his utmost priority as a designer to stay true to his roots.  Antonio Barragan is a fashion pioneer, experimenting with the quintessential bridge between fashion,  music,  art, & sports, as well as recreation.

     Antonio Barragan released his first design creations to the public in 1995.  Antonio subsequently spent time abroad apprenticing renowned fashion mentors.  Antonio Barragan’s homecoming to the United States in 2007 prompted the release of the designer’s prestigious and continuously dynamic lifestyle collection, “Avant-Street”.  Indubitably inspired by Antonio’s significant travels and work experience. “Avant-Street” is the preferred choice of select retailers around the globe.  

     “AB by Antonio Barragan" premiered in 2014.  “AB" epitomizes the southern Californian lavish lifestyle marked by function and comfort, while reifying the Antonio Barragan brand quality.  “AB"  offers avant-garde silhouettes, a hallmark of the designer, to a large audience without compromising the haute style of “Avant-Street ".

     Drawing upon cues and technique from the exclusive "Antonio Barragan Collection”, “AB” has come to include knits, wovens, sweaters, and leathers.  “AB” is an evolving line; additional style mediums, yet to be released, will soon be integrated into “AB”.


Our clients get it, and we get them.